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How to Ride over Obstacles Off-road

Off-road riding can be an exhilarating experience, but it can also present a number of challenges. One of the most common challenges faced by off-road riders is how to navigate and ride over obstacles. Whether it’s rocks, logs, or uneven terrain, knowing how to approach and overcome these obstacles is essential for a safe and enjoyable ride. In this article, we will discuss some tips and techniques to help you ride over obstacles off-road.

Choose the Right Line

When faced with an obstacle, the first step is to choose the right line. The line refers to the path you take to navigate the obstacle. Take a moment to assess the obstacle and find the smoothest and least challenging route. Look for areas with less rocks or logs, and try to anticipate any potential hazards. By choosing the right line, you can increase your chances of successfully riding over the obstacle.

Maintain Momentum

Once you have chosen your line, it’s important to maintain momentum. Momentum is your friend when it comes to riding over obstacles. Keeping a consistent speed will help you carry through the obstacle without getting stuck or losing balance. Avoid sudden braking or acceleration, as this can disrupt your balance and make it harder to navigate the obstacle. Instead, maintain a steady throttle and let your bike do the work.

Stand Up and Grip the Bike

Standing up on your bike gives you greater control and stability when riding over obstacles. By standing up, you can use your legs as shock absorbers and keep your weight centered. This will help you maintain balance and maneuverability as you ride over the obstacle. Grip the bike firmly with your knees to maintain control and ensure a stable ride.

Use the Right Technique

Depending on the type of obstacle, there are different techniques you can use to ride over it. For rocks and roots, a technique called “feathering” can be effective. Feathering involves lightly applying pressure to your front brake while keeping the throttle open. This allows your front tire to roll over the obstacle smoothly without getting caught. For larger obstacles like logs, you can use a technique called “wheelie”. By lifting the front wheel off the ground, you can roll the rear wheel over the obstacle, then gently lower the front wheel back down. Practice these techniques in a controlled environment before attempting them on the trail.

Stay Focused and Stay Safe

Lastly, always remember to stay focused and stay safe. Off-road riding can be unpredictable, and obstacles can appear suddenly. Keep your eyes on the trail ahead and be prepared to react quickly if needed. Wear proper safety gear, including a helmet, goggles, and protective clothing. And most importantly, ride within your limits. If an obstacle seems too challenging or risky, it’s better to find an alternative route or seek assistance.


Riding over obstacles off-road requires skill, technique, and confidence. By choosing the right line, maintaining momentum, standing up, using the right technique, and staying focused, you can overcome obstacles with ease. Remember to practice these techniques and gradually increase the difficulty as you gain experience. With time and practice, you’ll become a master at riding over obstacles off-road. So gear up, hit the trails, and enjoy the thrill of conquering the unknown!