zondag 14 februari 2016

1999 Honda VLX 600 reviews

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  • Motorcycle Road Test: 1999 Honda VLX 600 (Motorcyclecruiser)

    Motorcycle Road Test: 1999 Honda VLX 600

    Model(s) covered: 1999 Honda VLX 600

    What's the best-selling import cruiser? Well, for 1998 it was the Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic. Other machines have topped the charts in other years, but if you look at which imported cruiser has sold the best over the last decade, this is the one: Honda's 600cc Shadow VLX V-twin offers the perfect balance that keeps it moving out of showrooms year in and year out. It's big enough to rely on for highway transportation, small enough to not intimidate short or inexperienced riders, stylish enough to provide pride of ownership, and affordable enough that almost anyone can afford it or buy one as a second bike for a spouse.

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